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Overwhelmed in the worry surrounding your child's future? is a video education website that empowers you with accurate information, so you can be confident in assembling a plan that secures the future of your child with special needs.

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Special Needs KnowledgeWho will take care of your child when you’re gone? Special Needs KnowledgeDo they know what daily life is like? Special Needs KnowledgeAre you concerned about where the money will come from? How much is needed? Special Needs KnowledgeDid you know that just $2001 left to your child is enough to disqualify them from government benefits?



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Press Releases


"Congress in a Giving Mood to the Disability Community This Holiday Season," Says Ryan Platt, Founder of A Special Needs Plan.

The ABLE Act is finally passed after years of being discussed in Washington, and now can begin to be utilized as a tool in Special Needs Planning.

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Expert Highlights the Need for Tailored Professions Specializing in the Area of Autism in Reaction to New Research Indicating 1 in 68 Children are Diagnosed With Autism

As new research has been released on Autism, Ryan Platt, and expert in the field of special needs planning is seeing more services are being tailored, not only to those individuals diagnosed with Autism, but to all people diagnosed with Special Needs.

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