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Overwhelmed in the worry surrounding your child's future? is a video education website that empowers you with accurate information, so you can be confident in assembling a plan that secures the future of your child with special needs.

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Special Needs KnowledgeWho will take care of your child when you’re gone? Special Needs KnowledgeDo they know what daily life is like? Special Needs KnowledgeAre you concerned about where the money will come from? How much is needed? Special Needs KnowledgeDid you know that just $2001 left to your child is enough to disqualify them from government benefits?



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Press Releases

A Special Needs Plan

1 in 68 Children Are Now Diagnosed With Autism, and 85% of Adults With Autism Are Unemployed

As April unfolds and Autism Awareness month takes hold, A Special Needs Plan comments on these staggering statistics and some hope for the future.

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A Special Needs Plan

Developmental Disability Awareness Month Brings Advocacy to the Forefront

In this time of budget shortfalls at the federal and state levels, those individuals in our society who are at the most risk of losing life sustaining benefits need organizations and concerned citizens to advocate on their behalf," says Chartered Special Needs Consultant, Ryan Platt.

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